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Wordless Wednesday: Appreciation

Last night my husband and I painted the town!  Not in the old way we use to, but in our new era of life, post baby.  It was my birthday.  We had a simple dinner out at an Italian restaurant in our neighborhood, Osteria Il Paiolo.  We shared the restaurant with only one other couple and their daughter about Maddie’s age.  I ordered my favorite pasta dish, a glass of Barbera and listened to old Italian classics playing in the background.  I couldn’t help but think about how lucky I was to be enjoying a simple dinner out, alone time with my husband, and blessed with a sweet-little-high-energy daughter, who I was missing already.  I could have sat there all night enjoying the moment.  After we finished our dinner, two waiters came over with a small chocolate cake, a candle, and quietly sang happy birthday.  I’m sure it was not the norm there, but the place was practically empty, so I’m sure, they were open to anything, even singing!  We took our time finishing the cake and just absorbed the rare time out together.  As we headed home, we walked along the waterfront overlooking the Manhattan skyline.  It had been scorching hot and humid for weeks, but to our surprise, last night the weather could not have been more perfect…just like the evening felt…

As I stood there looking out at the Manhattan skyline, absorbing the night, I thought about how much I appreciate what I have: a daughter who pulls at my heart daily, a loving and supportive husband and living in a dynamic city that I am able to share with my family everyday.  I couldn’t help but want to remember that moment, and snapped this picture.  Wordless Wednesday has now become quite wordy…

Do you take time to stop, in your busy everyday life, to think about the things you appreciate?  What are they?  I would love to hear about them.

Until next ride,


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  1. colleen says:

    I did not know, Happy Birthday!!!

    I look forward to walking around your blog, and will share it with a good friend in your age group about to have her 3rd!!!

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