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Amy’s Whine


It’s been one of those days.  My husband is away this week for work and my 15 month old is teething, fussy, and hanging on my leg every second and has decided to start taking only one nap.  I’m ready for the one nap, truly, but does it have to be this week?  Lunch was tossed on the floor, followed by dinner.  Do I need a cooking class?  Are my meals not even baby worthy?  The time had come, Maddie was in bed - time for mommy juice.  I grabbed the first bottle of wine I found in the kitchen, shoved in the corner behind the tupperware, then called another mommy friend, Lourdes (who has 4 little girls!) and vented.  It felt so good to swap stories and turn the frustration and tiredness into laughter.  Turned out we both needed it!

I’ve been getting things ready for our guests coming this weekend – aka, grandparents coming to babysit for a couple weeks.  I know it’s not going to be easy for them and I’ve been baking, cleaning, getting things organized, and making lists after lists – I’m calling it “The Survival Guide.”  Trying to make things extra special hoping it relieves some of my guilt.  Guilt, for leaving my 65 year old father and Katheryn with a 16 month old for almost two weeks and hoping Maddie doesn’t think mommy abandoned her!

Gondolas, beaches, no curfews – gondolas, beaches, no curfews – gondolas, beaches, no curfews.  Okay I’m back in packing mode!

But first, where’s my mommy juice?  Did you know women purchase 64% of the wine sold in the U.S., but most labels are marketed for men.  Mommy Juice was started by a mom and the title was derived from her kids always referring to a bottle of wine as their mommy’s juice!  Just knowing that I have got to try it.  Ordering my $10 bottle tonight!!

Ah, feeling better already.  Nothing like girl talk with a glass of wine and a little writing to cure any whiner’s whine.

Do you have something you whine about and it’s really not that bad?  Please tell!

Until next ride,


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