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Sandy Aftermath

We stocked up last minute, stood in hour wait grocery lines, and checked for batteries and flash lights the day Sandy hit. We took light of the situation basing the storm path off the American weather model and not the European weather model.  So many left last minute and there were those that chose not to leave at all.  Sandy turned into a storm of unprecedented size and intensity, with tropical storm force winds stretching over 1,000 miles across, making it the largest cyclone in the history of the Atlantic.  As we look and hear of the destruction and the statistics, our family could not feel more thankful and blessed.  A somber, yet grateful morning after, in our neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Looking at partial destruction of a pier while watching military choppers fly overhead…

Under water yesterday.  Some damage.  Could be a lot worse…

The power of Sandy.  Some destruction here and there.  Overall not too bad…

Lights out in the city.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn, for being on the water, was very fortunate.  Never thought much of the small incline our building sits on, but very thankful.  Two hurricanes in two years, no evacuations and no loss of power.

Currently 72 dead, subways and many streets are still flooded, power is still out for many (cold nights are beginning), and fires are burning in Queens.

Continued prayers.


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  1. Glad you and your family are Ok. We lost power on Long Island for almost 48 hours before getting power back. We are one of the lucky ones and many including my in-laws don’t have power back yet. Thinking and praying for all still without power and also those dealing with much worse, too.
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