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Olympics Start Tomorrow!



How have you been getting ready for the London Olympics?  We might not be Olympic training around here, but we have certainly been keeping a close eye on who to watch!  One of our favorite Olympic sports to watch is swimming, so we will definitely be front and center when Lochte and Phelps are racing neck to neck.  Yesterday, I was watching an interview with Lochte and he definitely swims to his own paddle!  He will be exciting to see!  And, of course, I will also be cheering on my fellow female swimmer, Missy Franklin in all seven events.  Will she break another world record for women?  I hope so, Go Missy!  We are also huge gymnast fans around here.  My husband has a lot of gymnasts on his side of the family.  So without a doubt, we will be watching and rooting for Jordyn Wieber with her already 13 medals and who was crowned the World All Around champion last year.  Exciting!!

Maddie has been getting ready for her first Olympics by reading Olympig by Victoria Jamieson.  Well, more like, mommy reading as Maddie points and grabs the pages.  Olympig is a good story for kids to learn about determination and motivation.  Children learn about not giving up when the odds are against them, and having a goal and working towards it.  I’ve also been reading to Maddie a classic London story book.  It’s too advanced for her now, but I retell the story in a shorter and more simplified way, as she follows along looking at the colorful illustrations.  She seems to really enjoy it!

Something I like to do is give Maddie books for notable times in her life, such as trips, random holidays, special events, and write a personal note to her on the inside cover.  It’s an inexpensive keepsake and a book is something that will keep on giving.  Hopefully, when she pulls This is London by Miroslav Sasek off the shelf years from now, it will be a reminder of where she was during her first Summer Olympics, and it might just be a little keepsake for mommy as well :)

Do you plan on watching the Olympics?  If so, what event are you most excited about?  I would love to hear about it.

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  1. Doug H. says:

    The Olympics made me miss London. Although I spent a relatively short few months there, I walked that city as much as I could and experienced a few gems that even life-long Londoners rarely see. It is an amazing city! The London Underground atmosphere resembled more of a morgue–quiet and stoic even during the morning rush–compared to the lively conversational mood of a double-decker bus. Many nights I walked along the Thames River, soaking up the night sounds and the not-so exotic anymore accents with their umique Britishisms. NYC and London have a lot in common, yet each has their own flair. Each has their claustrophobic canyon-like streets amidst the tall and seemingly endless buildings, but then they open up to the expensive tranquility of the parks. Exploring the small subtleties is what I remember most, as you wrote, appreciating the beauty of momemts over the beauty of things. I am glad that you are sharing them with Maddie through the power of books.

    • Amy Fechner says:

      I forgot you lived in London for a while! What an experience and how lucky you are. I have never been, but envision a bustling world with an immense history at every turn. Loved how you ventured off to find the remote and unique treasures of London. I’m sure you made some life long memories!

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