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Needing Some Humor?


Time to take a midweek break and laugh a little!  I was at the book store looking for something new to read for me and Maddie, and came across this book.  I thumbed through it and found myself in hysterics!  Something I was really needing.  As I continued to read, let loose and take time to laugh a little, I had completely forgotten about Maddie who was wandering aimlessly through the isles pulling books off the shelves.  I couldn’t help but keep reading and enjoy a little humor at the expense of all the things that irk us moms!  Then, realizing I wasn’t hearing the thud of books falling in the distance, I just knew, Maddie was up to something else.  I peeked around the corner and I was right!  She was climbing the bookshelf ladder!  I again found myself laughing, at a similar situation I had just read in this book.  Sometimes you just need a little laughter to lighten things up.

Are you a city or suburbian mom needing a little humor to lighten up your day?  If so, I’m sure you can appreciate the witty and creative comments from this author.  Click on the book if you would like to find out more or order.

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