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Honoring Veterans

Veterans Day was Sunday and many of us are taking today off in honor of veterans - those who have put their lives on the line for our country.  Most of us know a veteran, our father, brother, family member or friend, and we hear their stories and can’t possibly relate to what they have experienced for us.  Then there’s those who have lost their lives or have lost a loved one for OUR freedom and for OUR future.

How do we teach this to our children?  How do we help them understand the purpose of Veteran’s Day?  To them it’s a parade of soldiers and waving flags and BBQ’s with family.  How do we teach them that it is a day of Gratitude?  A day of honoring and saying thank you to those for putting their lives on the line for us.  There are stories that are told and pictures in albums, but what better way to help a children learn than by reading.

Here are a few of my favorite military children’s books, with short excerpts, to help young readers understand the purpose of Veteran’s Day.  Great classroom books and stories for home.  Click on the book if you’re interested in ordering.

Joe Biden’s wife, Jill, tells a story through a child’s eyes of what family life is like when a parent is at war across the world.

Written by the son of a career officer, this book explores the branches of the Armed Services and speaks from the heart about the honor, privileges and sacrifices of military families everywhere.  With an underlying message of courage and commitment that every child can relate to, the book will be especially meaningful to those whose parents, siblings or other relatives serving in the Armed Forces.

A letter from Dad, who is deployed in the Middle East, prompts the young narrator to muse on what his father is going through and how he represents a better breed of superhero.

Amanda understands her dad is making the world a better place, but it doesn’t make his deployment any easier.  As Amanda wishes for her dad to enjoy good meals, make new friends, and return safely, the little tree comes to life with yellow ribbons of hope.

Chris Demarest’s dynamic alphabet book honors the men and women who have served, are serving, or will serve in our armed forces — and will thoroughly engage young readers and adults.

We ordered Alpha Bravo Charlie and Maddie’s grandpa can’t wait to have her sit on his lap, read to her, and tell his stories of being in the Air Force during Vietnam, when we visit him in CA next month.

God Bless the Military for all they have done and continue to do! May we remember all those who fought in wars today and always, so that we may stay safe and be a country with freedom!

Do you have a family member who has served in the military or has been drafted?  How do you teach your children the importance of Veteran’s Day?  Would love to hear about it and hear your personal story.

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  1. Amy this was a great post and will definitely have to look into one of the books for my kids. Recently, we have had no one in our family that has served the country, but my dad, before I was born, was drafted into the army during Vietnam and both my grandfathers also served during WWII. So I am always thankful for their sacrifices to help make our country a better, safer place. Thank you so much for sharing this post, it was beautiful!!
    Janine Huldie recently posted..Mother Knows Best, Especially About Kids’ Naps…My Profile

    • Amy Fechner says:

      Sounds like you have quite a few military men in your family. You might not have been born when they served, but I’m sure they have many heartfelt stories and memories to share. A Big thank you to those men!!

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