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Filming Bklyn: No Autographs Please

Today when we were headed out of our building for a stroll and run a couple 8:00 am errands, our most productive time of the day, a CBS production crew was filming in front of our lobby.  We know the routine.  Lots of filming is done in our ‘hood.  We waited patiently to the side of the lobby, the scene wrapped, then the motion ’all clear’ was given and we headed out of the building.  We were then shuffled to the side to avoid the actors’ “space”.  Who can’t resist being a little bit of a lookie loo.  I glanced over to see who was in the shoot, trying to act like I was looking at something else, and didn’t recognize anyone.  I guess they wanted to feel like big stars, therefore shuffled us to the side.  Oh well, may check out the new series they’re shooting, Golden Boy, to see our building’s debut, however it is not the building’s first debut.  Our building is getting quite use to the lime light!  Not too long ago we were watching a CSI episode and in the background there She was, our building!  Fun to see.  Sorry, but no autographs please.

Our neighborhood has a lot of filming throughout the year.  We have a diner down the street that has been in countless movies, TV shows and commercials.  Every now and then we’ll be watching a move or something on TV, and say “I think that’s the diner!’  The most recent big screen filming was Men in Black 3.  When they were filming we watched, from the sidewalk, while trying to get a peek through the windows of illuminating set lights, a scene with Will Smith and Josh Brolin in the diner, and then, we looked on, as Will Smith zoomed by our building filming some high speed chase.  Very cool!  Sorry, but no autographs please.

I am sure Brooklyn is probably a little less expensive than Manhattan to shoot, a little less traffic, a little more gritty, more room for production crews, and home to a diner hot-spot for filming which our building happens to be a stone’s throw away from!!

Check out some of the photos we took, on our errand stroll, from today’s neighborhood shoot…

Lights, camera, action!  The production crews usually change the area a little – sometimes our street signs are changed to different names, addresses changes, the name of buildings change and sometimes the areas around the buildings change.  Today it looks like the only things changed at La Esquina are the diner sign and name.

Always tons of equipment and always impressed on how organized all that stuff seems.  Maybe they can give me some tips on organizing toys!

No parking!  Ouch.  Cones are put out and the trucks are taking over.  Trees are posted with yellow papers: “No parking! Filming in the works.”  Parking restrictions are all over the city – filming notices on tress and poles, always a New York driver’s nightmare!

Trailers and dressing rooms moving in! Natasha who? I’m sure it’s code for Angelina? Natalie? Scarlett? or Julia? Ok, maybe not this time, but with our building’s fame, I’m sure something has to be in the works!  Please no autographs. ;)

Have you debuted in something - TV show, background extra, newspaper, school paper, recital, play or know someone whose had a little lime light?  Please share!  Who do I know…my building!  Ha!

Until next ride,


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