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Dreaming of Outdoor Space

It’s a hot one today and all I can think about is how nice it would be to have some outdoor space.  In our building we have a common rooftop with a few tables and chairs, but I’m dreaming of private spaces, cozy cushions, summer colors, and lots and lots of greenery!!  These are some amazing rooftops and terraces I found in the city…dreaming away…

So many beautiful cushions!  Love love how the greenery makes the lounge feel hidden.  I see myself sprawled out with a couple magazines, a mimosa or two, and my computer.

Love the pop of color on the white cushions and around the terrace!  Looks fresh, summery, and inviting.  I’m envisioning someone pouring me that wine on the coffee table with my feet up, sunglasses on, and reading 50 Shades of Gray!

What a view from this terrace!  Love the large cushions and touches of greenery throughout.  No matter how high in the sky, the city sounds can always be heard, but from here, all I hear are my sips of sangria and laughter with girlfriends!!  Still dreaming!

A Chelsea oasis!  1,600 sq ft of rooftop space, which is larger than our apartment!  Could this be Heaven?  I see myself tucked away in the corner lounge, curled up, and ordering in!

How romantic!  I see date night here!!!

A vacation spot or a hidden treasure in the city?  Love the green and white pillows and how it feels so intimate.  If it wasn’t for the Lipstick Building in the background I would think this was a European destination!

Shot this from our building’s common outdoor space.  Not too bad, right?  Has potential!  Maybe someday we’ll have a private space that I can decorate with lots of cushions, colors, and greenery, but until then, I’ll have fun dreaming!

Do you have an outdoor area you enjoy spending time in?  If so, I would love to hear about it.  Keep dreaming everyone!

Until next ride,


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  1. VIckie says:

    Good Luck with that space, maybe a water wall? And cushy furniture for sure. I like the one with the grass on the wall, it gives the feeling of a lawn. Great pictures, worthy dream.

    • Amy Fechner says:

      Hi Vickie! A water wall, great idea! I’ll add it to the condo board outdoor space wish list!! I remember your lovely outdoor space with cascading streams….so beautiful and peaceful.

  2. Cindy says:

    I spend every minute in my back yard that I can! I’m still working on the plant life but it is my get away right at home. I have also been exploring all the different lakes and rivers that are within a short driving distance from me and Bailey has loved every spot so far! Of course she’s 4 so any place she gets to be outside (especially if it involves swimming) makes her happy. I think there is a lesson to learn there. :)

    • Amy Fechner says:

      Love your backyard!! It is an oasis! Such a great idea to check out all the lakes – SO many great places, just in general, a couple hours away from you.

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