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She’s walking!  She’s walking!  What an exciting and emotional week this has been.  I turned just for a second and saw Madison walking across the living room, on her own!  All week she has been surprising Dean and I with more and more little steps.  She has taken a few hard blows, a few chin crashes, a few tumble and rolls, a few contorted falls and some baby tears.  But she’s done it!  She is now a one year old and walking, officially a toddler, according to my parenting books.  Wait, officially a toddler?  No longer a baby?  Tear.

A toddler and walking, such an exciting milestone, in the mix of all the development stages.  The camera is full of pictures, the family has been informed, and of course, the exciting baby news has been shared with my mommy’s group.  We cheer Maddie on, as she stands and starts to walk towards us and as she waddles from room to room with the occasional crash.  But, what comes with this excitement is a little bit of sadness.  My baby is no longer a baby anymore, she’s a toddler.

The last thirteen months have been a roller coaster of bitter sweet.  Starting with the packing of the newborn onesies, then the 3-6 month clothes, graduating from the baby bath to bath tub, nursing to whole milk, holding the bottle on her own, sitting to standing to now walking and the list goes on.  Watching Madison grow and develop has been sweet and so much fun, with a bit of sadness as each phase of babyhood disappears, and the need for mommy becomes less.  Already independence?  I’m not ready!  Well sometimes I feel ready, but not this week.

Before Maddie walked, I would watch the other toddlers, younger than Madison, walk at the park and wondered when that might be her.  Everyone had been saying or asking, “Has your baby started walking yet?  You might want to try this.  My child started walking at __.  You should read this book.  My child was an early walker.”  Why do I let these things get to me?  I know every child is different.  I know Maddie has been on track with her development.  Maybe it’s yahoo news, or the unfortunate stories we hear, or the lingering “what ifs.”  I have a tendency to stress over little things, big things, and probably nonsense things.  It’s my own doing, trying to be the perfect mom to something loved so much.  Just chill-out Amy!  Maddie is!

These precious moments go by fast.  I’m truly learning that now.  I need to relax a little and just enjoy each moment as it comes and goes.  It doesn’t matter what other kids on the playground are doing and it doesn’t matter whose child is doing what.  I love watching Maddie develop into her own little person and watch her excitement when she does something by herself, even though it means mommy is needed a little less.  No one said parenthood would be easy, and who knew, the best and smallest roller coasters would require a few mommy tears too.

Uh oh, Maddie is on the move!  Those feet have already gotten her into something she shouldn’t be into.  Got to go!!

Do you remember a milestone in your life that you have fond memories of?  If so, I would love to hear about it!

Until next ride,




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  1. Cindy says:

    Can’t wait to have Bailey and Maddie chasing each other around the house! So excited for you to expereince her big steps of independence!

    • Amy Fechner says:

      Haha, it will be fun seeing those two running around together!! I see trouble ahead : )


  2. Jackie Hoss says:

    I love what you said about not caring about what the oth3er kids on the playground are doing and stay focused on the amazing individuals are children are meant to be…..Would be great to see Zach chasing Maddie and Bailey around!! Maybe sometime before they grow up toooo much. I can relate with the “What? Not a baby anymore?” Tears….BIGTIME!! I still have issues with it but again it’s so exciting to watch it all happen! Still trying to ditch that passy….almost though…we are down to . I cut the tip off of one the other day. The look on his face was golden…then he chucked it across the room. Trying to explain to him that binkys are for babies and he’s a big boy now! Not sure if he’s buying it. LOve to you guys from across the miles! Jackie

    • Amy Fechner says:

      You cut the binky top! So brave! I always have multiple backups even though I’m trying to wean her off. So tough! Another sign of growing up. We’re going through so many growing up stages right now…exciting and heart pulling at the same time. Would love to have the cousins get together sometime…soon!! Thanks for the comment Jackie!

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