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Thankful For Gifts In Disguise

Thanksgiving is approaching and I was thinking about all the things I’m grateful for.  Of course family, friends and health, but I was also thinking about all the little things that seem to be trying at times.  The things we should be grateful for, but are sometimes gifts in disguise.  Here are my top ten…

1. Be thankful for growing older. Not everyone gets this opportunity. Aging with health and grace is a rare and beautiful gift.

2. When your parents are pressing your buttons, be thankful you still have them around.  If they are no longer with you, take a moment to be thankful for the time you had with them.

3. If you have to wait in line at the supermarket for your Thanksgiving dinner, be thankful that you can afford what you would like to eat. We are all aware of the many people waiting in line to have a meal at the soup kitchen.

4. Be thankful for the ability to pay your bills, even if it means you have to give up some things you want.  Having basic needs met is a luxury for some.

5. If you have to get up before dawn for work, be thankful you get to see another sunrise and have a job to go to.  What if you slept everyday until noon and didn’t know when you would get your next paycheck?

6. When you’re stuck in traffic, be thankful you have a car to get where you need to go and money to buy gas.   Some are waiting in the freezing weather for the bus.  Well, unless you’re a New Yorker!

7. When your children are testing your patience, be thankful you have children to love and who love you back.   Some would love to have children, but are unable.

8. When your mate is acting grumpy or giving you a hard time, be thankful for having love in your life and someone to grow old with.  A life partner is someone that less than half the population has.  Your partner is a blessing that needs to be counted.

9. When you sit down with loved ones for Thanksgiving dinner, be thankful for everyone and everything that makes it possible.  Some have no one to share this holiday with.

10. We’re leaving for Wisconsin today to spend Thanksgiving with the in-laws.  I’m thankful that we are able to afford to travel, have family to visit and spend time with, and to have “special news” to share with loved ones!

Wishing you a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!  See you in a week!

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?  I would love to hear about it.

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  1. Beautiful post! It’s easy to concentrate on what we want and don’t have rather than count our blessings. It’s something I am definitely working on!
    Lisa @ The Cooking Bride recently posted..Five Thanksgiving Desserts . . .and Link Love!My Profile

  2. Beautiful post and so true about all we have to be thankful for truly. Happy Thanksgiving and have a wonderful time with your family :) :)
    Janine Huldie recently posted..Operation Christmas 2012 For Our Family To Yours…My Profile

  3. Lourdes Crawford says:

    Love the post, Amy. I am thankful for so many things, but especially thankful for my good health. I had a 24 hour stomach bug the other day and it was so hard for me to take care of my kids. Kerry had to miss work to stay home and help. It made me realize how hard it would be if I had a serious illness or Kerry or even one of my kids. I’m so thankful that we are all in good health.

    • Amy Fechner says:

      Oh no Lourdes! The stomach flu! Dean and I also got the stomach flu – on Thanksgiving. Actually 6 others in his family were struck with it as well. It was a tough Thanksgiving. Thank goodness Madison escaped it – especially during the flight home. Health is such a blessing to be thankful for! xx

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