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Wordless Wed: Heaven’s Sake, Sit!

It’s that time.  Time to leave the park.  I think to myself, ‘How am I going to get her in the stroller seat again today?’  There’s tears, there’s struggles, there’s frustration from both of us.  I quickly look around, no one’s looking, I grab Maddie before she knows what’s happening, hold her legs and grab the buckles fast, before she turns to a noodle and slides out from under the stroller bar.  The timing needs to be on point and quick!  One out of five times we have success the first time around!  Here’s to my mommy friends….A little “fun” at what it’s like when putting a child into a restrained seat.

Love these illustrations from the book The World According to Toddlers!  Maddie does a combo, Rod Twist.  What’s your child’s strategy?  Ha!

Wordless Wednesday: Noisy Peace

It’s mid-week and what better day to add a little humor!  I have a couple funny websites I love to read, just to get a few laughs, here and there.  I saw this from Nick Mom (illustration by Adrienne Hedger) and boy, could I relate!

When we go out to dinner (or anywhere), the noisier the restaurant the better!  The food doesn’t matter, the atmosphere doesn’t matter, but if it’s loud then we have a winner!  Dean and I can then eat in peace, and oddly, it feels like serenity.  We also opted out of a museum trip not too long ago, because we weren’t sure who would have a less enjoyable time due to our walking amplifier, my husband and I or the museum goers.  So instead we went to the park, again.  Wordless Wednesday is getting a little wordy.  Signing off, have a great day everyone.

Does something hold you back from going to a place you enjoy once in a while, but you wouldn’t have it any other way?  I would love to hear about it.

Until next ride,


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