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Father’s Day is Sunday!

Each year in June, I always ask myself that not so easy question, ‘What am I going to do for Father’s Day?’  How can I truly let my father know how much he is loved?  Is there something out there, big enough?

Let me tell you a little about my dad…

He is a true family man.  A man who would give the shirt off his back for his loved ones, a man who asks for very little,  a man who has worked to the bone to provide for his family, a man who would come home from a long tough day at work and would have no expectations, because the love from his family was enough.  Gifts were never expected for any occasion, but he was always very grateful when he received one.  In an emergency, such as a stubbed toe or scratched finger, he always took it very serious and never dismissed a ridiculous story to how it happened.  My father saw the weekends as sacred family time and not a day went by without an I love you.  He has always been simple in his wants, yet there is nothing simple, at all, about my dad.  Through the challenges of parenthood, his love has never stopped and never wavered.

So how will I honor such a great man on Father’s Day this year, you ask … with a fruit basket.  No need to reread it, you’re eyes are not playing tricks on you, it is true, a fruit basket.  I have asked him for 35 years what he would like for Father’s Day and he always has the same reply, ‘Nothing, just time and love from my family’.  Since I am now 3,000 miles away, I will have to rely on Plan B.  I happen to know my father loves food and loves to eat.  So this year, a fruit basket will have to say, I love you.  Keeping it healthy, since I want to make sure we have many more years with such a great father.  Just hope he knows, he is loved much more than a fruit basket.

This weekend we will be taking a family trip to the Central Park Zoo, so Maddie can honor her father.  Dean, who may not have 35 daddy years under his belt yet, has definitely shown Madison what a great father he is and will be.  This weekend, no gifts will be handed, no top-notch event will be thrown, just a day with the family celebrating a father and daughter’s love.  Something I have learned from my father.

What plans do you have for Father’s Day?  Would love to hear!  Have a great weekend!!

Until next ride,


Checking Out of the City

The summer is here and the New Yorkers are Not!   The NY mornings and evenings are magical, but the days are anything but!  Once the clock strikes noon, be out or be weary.  Don’t let the sticky air trap you in or the heat from the sidewalks scare you from getting to your car or train, don’t make the mistake of leaving too early and getting caught in the tailgate rush out of town, and don’t head back too late and catch the exhausted beach loving city slicker’s bumper push back to the city.  If you time it JUST right, my friends, the perfect weekend is ahead!

I’ve made my list!!  I’m Checking Out but hopefully Checking In, summer weekend bucket list.

East Coast Beach

I am a California beach girl at heart, but there is something unique and tranquil about the east coast beaches.  The dunes, the wild grass, the picket fences, the warmer water, and lets not forget those beaches that can only be reached by ferry!  Who wants to join me?  Check me in, Please!

Cape May, NJ

Cape May, a gem at the bottom of New Jersey.  Only a three hour drive from the city to the Painted Ladies!  Can’t pass up award winning beaches, a quaint fishing harbor and a possible whale spotting!  We went last year and loved it.  Check me in again, Please!

Acadia National Park, Maine

How I long for a camping trip…with a lodge!   The smell of the pine trees, the sound of a rushing river with endless streams, hikes to hill tops with beautiful views of God’s country, and waking up to the sound of chattering birds and restless animals outside your window.  Does it get better, I ask?  Check me in, Please!

Block Island, Rhode Island

Block Island is a real get away only a few hours outside the city.  First by car, then by boat and you’re there!  This place is only accessible seasonal, so it has that true vacation feel, if only for a couple of days.  Check me in, Please!

This may be a little far for a weekend getaway, but wherever it is please, please check me in!

Where do you hope to check in this summer?  I would love to hear about it!

Until next ride,


Sunrise in NYC

It’s a beautiful June morning in NYC!  No humidity, perfect 60 degree temp, and the horns aren’t honking yet!  Anyone who knows me well knows I love the mornings.

Why you ask?  It’s the feeling of a new start, the sun peaking over the tall buildings, the calmness before the hustle and bustle, the crisp air, the feeling as though you have the whole day to get things done and in your mind you know it’s going to happen, and lets not forget, the smell and taste of that morning brewed coffee.  There is nothing like going to a corner NYC mom and pops coffee shop where everyone’s on a first name basis!

Ah, the fresh start of a NYC morning. [Read more...]

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