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Our Newest Member

Hi All!  We’ve been a little busy around here the last few months – busy in a good, good way.  I’m proud to introduce our newest family member, Caden Brooklyn.  Our precious baby boy arrived 3 months ago (wow already 3 months!) and has melted into our hearts and family, just as our Maddie did 2 years ago.  Our lives, once again, have turned upside down.  You always hear about how things will be different – life with one versus life with two.  Well it’s true.  A little more crazy, a little more hectic, a little more patience needed AND life with two… has never been more fulfilling and more enjoyable.  Caden’s first sweet smiles and his first occasional coos transpire a feeling that nothing in life can bring.  I was trying to think of a word that describes this feeling, but I can’t think of just one.  It’s a mixture of sweetness, innocence, love, dependency on mommy, the miracle feeling of knowing he was formed inside of me and when I gaze into his big beautiful brown, or hazel, or grey, or I really can’t tell yet, eyes, I’m looking at a part of myself and my husband.  My husband always says, our children are the best of both of us.  Now lets hope we don’t mess things up over the next 18 years! Ha!

Here’s to introducing you to the little guy who has stolen a piece of our hearts…




 Photos by Abby Cope Photography

What has entered your life recently and has brought happiness into your world?  I would love to hear about it.

White Winter Wishing

It has been a mild winter as of now.  But I keep hoping!  December is such a magical time in the city.  With the Christmas lights lining city streets and trees, holiday music playing in stores and heard on city sidewalks and how can you not love the beautiful holiday store front window displays.  But there’s something missing.  The snow!  In a city radiating holiday spirt, I cannot help the California girl in me that’s dreaming of a white Christmas.  Here’s a few pictures, I keep gazing at, which I took a couple years ago over Christmas on the Upper East Side and Central Park.

What is something you hope to see or experience in your area this December?  Would love to hear about it.

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