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Needing Some Humor?


Time to take a midweek break and laugh a little!  I was at the book store looking for something new to read for me and Maddie, and came across this book.  I thumbed through it and found myself in hysterics!  Something I was really needing.  As I continued to read, let loose and take time to laugh a little, I had completely forgotten about Maddie who was wandering aimlessly through the isles pulling books off the shelves.  I couldn’t help but keep reading and enjoy a little humor at the expense of all the things that irk us moms!  Then, realizing I wasn’t hearing the thud of books falling in the distance, I just knew, Maddie was up to something else.  I peeked around the corner and I was right!  She was climbing the bookshelf ladder!  I again found myself laughing, at a similar situation I had just read in this book.  Sometimes you just need a little laughter to lighten things up.

Are you a city or suburbian mom needing a little humor to lighten up your day?  If so, I’m sure you can appreciate the witty and creative comments from this author.  Click on the book if you would like to find out more or order.

Until next ride,


Headed to The Burbs

You might remember one of my posts on checking out of the city for summer weekends. We did just that last weekend!  We were invited to New Paltz, a small quaint town at the base of the Catskills, by our friends Pete and Cindy.  We were really looking forward to seeing them and dodging town.  Going to their home always feels like a mini vacation with great margs, amazing views, solitude of the country, fun conversations, and an evening fire (with s’mores!) under the smog free stars.  This city dweller forgets how beautiful a star filled sky can be.  Wish we could get here more often.  Why wish, lets make it happen!

Thought I would share a couple photos from our weekend.

Couldn’t resist a walk in the neighborhood.  Look at that Catskill view!  Always fun to walk by and admire the perfect homes, with the perfectly manicured endless lawns, perfect vacation-like backyards, and I’m sure the perfect family is laughing and sipping tea inside.  Okay, I might be dreaming just a little again, but the area is gorgeous and we did spot several deer frolicking through the yards!  Ha!  It did seem a little fairytaleish.

Then we had a delicious brunch with omelets, bacon, cider donuts, fresh berries, bloody marys and mimosas.   All this while over looking the Catskills on their terrace!  We certainly are starting the day off right!  Oh how I dread to leave.  If we moved into the guest bedroom do you think they would notice?

However, Maddie might blow our cover.  This almost perfect weekend had a minor glitch.  No baby proofing!  Chasing Maddie around was not easy and look where I found her!  Who knew she could climb so well.  We might have a future Catskills rock climber on our hands.

Wish we didn’t have to say good-bye to the weekend, but always nice to get home as well.  I have to say, this city girl does see herself in a country house someday or somewhere with open space.  Maybe I’ll settle for a home on a vineyard or beachfront property!  Not asking for too much, right?  Or, I might have to resort to pinning my five acre beachfront property!!  Either way, I think city living and having a family has caused me to appreciate the beauty of a rural lifestyle a lot more.

Where would your dream house be located?  Please tell!  I would love to hear about it.

Until next ride,



Wordless Wednesday: Noisy Peace

It’s mid-week and what better day to add a little humor!  I have a couple funny websites I love to read, just to get a few laughs, here and there.  I saw this from Nick Mom (illustration by Adrienne Hedger) and boy, could I relate!

When we go out to dinner (or anywhere), the noisier the restaurant the better!  The food doesn’t matter, the atmosphere doesn’t matter, but if it’s loud then we have a winner!  Dean and I can then eat in peace, and oddly, it feels like serenity.  We also opted out of a museum trip not too long ago, because we weren’t sure who would have a less enjoyable time due to our walking amplifier, my husband and I or the museum goers.  So instead we went to the park, again.  Wordless Wednesday is getting a little wordy.  Signing off, have a great day everyone.

Does something hold you back from going to a place you enjoy once in a while, but you wouldn’t have it any other way?  I would love to hear about it.

Until next ride,


Artsy Brooklyn


Williamsburg, Brooklyn is definitely known for its art and artsy inhabitants!  When we first moved to this neighborhood, I wasn’t sure if I would embrace the artwork, in which many, very many buildings around us had, but over the last 3 years I have grown to appreciate and love what makes this neighborhood so special.  This morning Maddie and I took a walk, before the heat wave set in, and here are some of the fun, vibrant and always changing artsy charm that makes up this family friendly neighborhood we call home!

Lets take a walk…



This is on the side of an elementary school a few blocks from our apartment.  Love the color and child friendly design…We Love Art!

We found this octopus a few more blocks away and its tentacles covered the entire front side of this business.  I couldn’t get the entire shot, but this design was quite impressive!

We kept walking and found this advertisement for a TV show starting soon.  This mural section on Bedford Avenue feels like it changes every couple of weeks.  Mural artists get a lot of work in our neighborhood, that’s for sure!!

Still walking.  Heat and humidity are starting to set in.  This was just painted on the outside of this restaurant to advertise how it looks on the other side of this wall.  Cool idea!  We better start winding our way back home before we melt…

On our way back we found these cute giraffes.  Nice to see child friendly artwork across the street from a kids park.

Just a few feet away we found this one.  I think it was Maddie’s favorite.  She actually stopped and looked at it.

This type of ornate mural is common in our area.  There were two murals side by side, but the other mural was less kid friendly.  I will leave it at that!  So, no snap shot of that one today!  Probably in another week or two it will be something else.  Almost home, but first a quick snack break, from all this walking.

I just love these beach style murals!  Makes me miss California.  We are now three blocks from our apartment.  As you can see there is quite the variety of artwork in our neighborhood.  Don’t let the barbwire in this shot scare you away.  We love visitors!!  This is a very safe place to live with lots of urban charm!  Hope you enjoyed walking with us today.

What is something in your neighborhood you really enjoy and it adds charm?  I would love to hear about it.

Until next ride,


It’s Here! It’s Here!

We have been checking the mail for the last two years anxiously awaiting, not giving up hope, and blaming the poor mailman!  Here is an example of our evening conversations, after checking the mail, over this long awaited time…

Dean: Did it arrive Amy?

Amy:  Not today, honey…

Dean: Do you think they’ll really publish it?

Amy:  I hope so, but not sure…

Dean: Should you check on it?

Amy:  I have been…

Dean: Ok, we probably won’t recognize ourselves once it does get published, because we’ll be so old!

Amy:  Speak for yourself!  I plan on looking the same as I did on our wedding day 20 years from now!  {well, that’s what I thought before I had a baby :) }

Dean: Of course honey :)

Drum roll…trumpets please…announcement…it’s here!  Two years in the making, or two years of Amy following up so we don’t get lost in the wedding paper shuffle, is our debut in Melbourne Bride Destination!  We were hoping for a tiny spot in the corner, but to our surprise, got four pages!!  It’s an Aussie magazine, so tough to get your hands on, since they don’t mail out of Australia.  But, so cool to know we are in a magazine!  Probably my first and last time in a magazine, so I’m going to dwell in it for a while.  Here it is…take a peek…

Looking at these pictures and reading the write-up brings back so many fun and happy memories with family and friends.  I feel like I could do it all over again…

I can’t believe we have been married for two years already.  How time flies, especially with a 14 month old.  And, your calculations are correct.  Maddie blessed us shortly after we were married.  Celebrating our one year anniversary, at home, with our three week old daughter could not have made the first year of marriage more memorable.  She is truly the icing on the cake, no wedding pun intended!

Is there something you hold onto, or have, that reminds you of a special time?  I would love to hear about it.

Until next ride,



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