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Last Hurrah

Happy Friday!!  As we transition and say good-bye to summer fun and the New Yorkers start to check back into the city (some might remember Checking Out of the City post), we feel refreshed and ready for the next phase.  I’ll be taking a little time off from writing to spend this weekend with visiting family, and then Dean and I will be headed out of town for a much needed couples vacation.  How great for Maddie and the grandparents to be able to spend the next two weeks together, to bond and to get to know each other a little better, and for mommy and daddy to be able to hit the road.  Enjoy your last hurrah of summer and I will see you in the Fall – looking forward to what the fall will bring.


Here are a few great discoveries I want to share with you before I go:

Here’s a photography blog All Day I Dream About Photography with beautiful unique photos and they incorporate a lot of guest photographers too.

Gary in Everything Everywhere took 5 years off and traveled the world and he shares his pictures and experiences.  He’s been to over 150 UNESCO sites!  He writes with a little bit of an edge and I find him always pulling me in for more.

This blog How to be a Dad has a dad talking about the ups and down of parenting from a father’s perspective.  He has a funny way of expressing himself.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Until next ride,


As Summer Fades


When children head back to school and the weather becomes less humid the feeling of summer begins to fade.  As we absorbed our last city summer weekend together, as a little family of three, I could not help but reminisce on what made this summer special.  There were milestones for all, many playdates and birthday parties, family and friend visits, fumbled and learned as a parent, which I’m sure will be a lifetime of growth, learned not to sweat the small stuff, and learned how to squeeze a stroller onto a subway during rush hour.  I took countless pictures and went through them all!  Tear.  Here are some of my summer favorites…

Exploring the city through the eyes of a child…a new experience for us all and how fun it was…covered half of the city parks…

Maddie’s summer milestones…first birthday and walking on her own…

Our many new ways to get around the city with a stroller…taking the ferry through the East River is one…

Family trips we took over the summer.  Learned to adjust travel schedules to nap schedules…no trip is a small trip or as simple as it was before…

Numerous fun playdates and birthday parties.  I’ve never been to so many parties in one summer, actually make that a year!

My husband’s 40th surprise birthday party…two big birthday milestones this summer…phew, have to hand it to those party planners!

and, of course, all the crazy places and situations Maddie got herself into.

May the last few weeks of your summer be fun, memorable and shared with those you love.  This week we’re planning for guests and getting ready for our final summer trip.

What are some memorable moments from your summer?  I would love to hear about them.

Until next ride,



Wordless Wed: Work vs Home Hubby

Illustrators Adrienne Hedger and Shannon Seip

Ha!  Our household can so relate and this just made my day!!!  Hope it adds some humor to yours :-)

Until next ride,


Restaurant Survival

Children’s section, please!  Ahhh, exhale!  So nice to be finally sitting, and can’t wait for my cold ice tea and a non-diet meal.  The city was sizzling hot, and we had been walking around for hours carrying the stroller up and down steps with Maddie in it, shopping bags and the baby “luggage” on our arms, and all the while, dogging the NYC sidewalk traffic.  Phew!!  So very nice to be sitting and relaxing in air conditioning at Patsy’s restaurant on the Upper East Side.

As a parent you know not to get too relaxed while dining out.  Moments, and I mean only moments, after ordering our refreshing drinks, it started.  We know what IT means, don’t we parents!  Maddie was not pleased about a few things and was not afraid to “voice” herself.  I want that fork, spoon, table bread, water, napkin, salt, pepper, crumb, whatever is on the table!  My husband and I quickly went into routine mode and pushed everything to the far end of the table.  No problem, we’ve got this.  We were now enjoying our table bread at two arms reach across the table.  Maddie, getting more antsy, tries to propel herself from the highchair onto the table.  She was getting loud, winy, and at that point, everyone in the restaurant knew it!  I tried to hold out, but couldn’t.  I unfortunately had to go to the restroom leaving my poor husband alone to man the toddler wheel.  Why do I feel guilty about having to go to the restroom?  Everyone does it…it’s a human necessity.  Oh, the life of a mommy…get in fast, get out fast!  No time for primping.  Still no problem, we’ve got this.

When I returned, 5 minutes later, I knew things just went from bad to worse!  Madison was tossing the sugar packets into the air and onto the floor.  I looked at Dean and he said, ‘let her…it’s making her happy.’  Apparently Madison had gone into a panic scream cry when I walked away and the waitress had to assist Dean in calming her.  Oh my!  Then the pizza came.  Maddie wanted out of the highchair and there was no stopping her.  I propped her on the bench seat, I was sitting on, and she started jumping and screeching as loud as she could, as the whole restaurant watched on, some joining in and participating.  Come on now, people!  Ok, problem, I don’t think we have this anymore.  All I can think is, please stop antagonizing her…can’t you see I’m trying to get some control here!  I propped my leg across the bench, so she would not fall as I tried to eat my pizza.  Talk about muli-tasking!  I’m not looking for peace or relaxation at this point, I just hope to eat.  Eventually Maddie exhausted us, the patrons, and the servers.  We INHALED our pizza and left the toddler-crime-scene!

Looking at this cartoon now…I laugh, but in the moment, I just want to sit at another table (not claim Maddie as mine) and watch the chaos from a distance!!  I’ll take the non-children section, please…next time.  ; )

Have you been in an awkward pubic situation and wanted to immediately dart away?   Please tell me I am not alone! :-)

Until next ride,


Wordless Wednesday: Noisy Peace

It’s mid-week and what better day to add a little humor!  I have a couple funny websites I love to read, just to get a few laughs, here and there.  I saw this from Nick Mom (illustration by Adrienne Hedger) and boy, could I relate!

When we go out to dinner (or anywhere), the noisier the restaurant the better!  The food doesn’t matter, the atmosphere doesn’t matter, but if it’s loud then we have a winner!  Dean and I can then eat in peace, and oddly, it feels like serenity.  We also opted out of a museum trip not too long ago, because we weren’t sure who would have a less enjoyable time due to our walking amplifier, my husband and I or the museum goers.  So instead we went to the park, again.  Wordless Wednesday is getting a little wordy.  Signing off, have a great day everyone.

Does something hold you back from going to a place you enjoy once in a while, but you wouldn’t have it any other way?  I would love to hear about it.

Until next ride,


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