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The Ultimate Playground

As some of you may know we’re gearing up to leave one of the greatest cities in the world for another great city, San Francisco.  We are headed west in only a few more weeks.  Tear.  So VERY bitter-sweet.  But the time has come.   We’re looking for a little more space (Cade can only sleep in the closet for so long!) a lot more family time and a much desired carefree west coast lifestyle.  So as the big move nears, I hope to share some of our favorite spots and neighborhoods with Maddie and Cade, and you!   Each week Cade has a babysitter for a few hours while Maddie and I enjoy some much needed mother and daughter time around the city.  Over the next few weeks, as I go on a flash frenzy, I hope you will enjoy some of our New York City treasured spots as much as we do!

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

It was bitter cold this week!  So where does a girl go when the parks are too frigid to frolic in?  Where else, Grand Central.   We decided to have a little fun in one of NYC’s iconic spots.

Grand Central 2

Looks warm inside.  C’mon mommy!

Grand Central 7

Everything seems so big.

Grand Central 4

My favorite spot!  Love hearing my voice travel throughout GC.  Bet everyone loves hearing me sing.

Grand Central 1

Must be in heaven - a gigantic ramp.  One of my favorite things to run and play on.

Grand Central 3

Doesn’t look too crowded right now.  Maybe mommy will get us a train ticket to the beach.  I sure do miss shoveling sand into my bucket.

Grand Central 6

Love making friends with my fellow New Yorkers just by smiling.

Grand Central 5

After all this playing I’m getting HUNG-ry.  Cupcake break.  SO glad they opened a Magnolia Bakery in the food court.  Best cupcakes in town.  Hope they have these on the west coast!

Grand Central 8

I usually don’t like to admit it, but I think I need a nap after all this playing.  Bye-bye Grand Central!  Its been another great day.

When it’s too cold outside where do you like to spend your time?  Would love to hear about it.

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My Little City Girl

I did really good in gymnastics and mommy promised me my favorite chocolate milk in Union Square.  Come join me on my subway ride!

subway 1a

The L Train!  Here we go.  My favorite way to get around the city.

subway 2a

Which subway stop is it again?

subway 3a

Just missed my train.  Oh well, I’ll rest my feet a little.

Subway 4a

Better hold tight.  This train ride can be a bit bumpy.

subway 5a

Looks like it’s morning rush hour.  Hope they see me down here!

subway 6a

More stairs!!  One of my favorite reasons to ride the subway.

subway 7a

Uh oh, I’m a slow walker and it looks like the next subway is here.  Those NY subway-goers walk fast!  I better pick up the pace.

subway 9a

Getting excited.  Almost there.

subway 10a

I forgot how many steps there are at this subway stop…whew, almost at street level.

subway 11a

I found it!  I found it!

subway 12a

aaaahhhh…..nothing like my favorite NY chocolate milk in USQ Park and watching the squirrels.

subway 13a

Better head home…I’m missing Cade…

subway 14a

Being short has its advantages.

subway 15a

Another great day on the subway.

What is your favorite way to get around your town…bike, skates, scooter, ect?  Would love to hear about it.


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