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Last Hurrah

Happy Friday!!  As we transition and say good-bye to summer fun and the New Yorkers start to check back into the city (some might remember Checking Out of the City post), we feel refreshed and ready for the next phase.  I’ll be taking a little time off from writing to spend this weekend with visiting family, and then Dean and I will be headed out of town for a much needed couples vacation.  How great for Maddie and the grandparents to be able to spend the next two weeks together, to bond and to get to know each other a little better, and for mommy and daddy to be able to hit the road.  Enjoy your last hurrah of summer and I will see you in the Fall – looking forward to what the fall will bring.


Here are a few great discoveries I want to share with you before I go:

Here’s a photography blog All Day I Dream About Photography with beautiful unique photos and they incorporate a lot of guest photographers too.

Gary in Everything Everywhere took 5 years off and traveled the world and he shares his pictures and experiences.  He’s been to over 150 UNESCO sites!  He writes with a little bit of an edge and I find him always pulling me in for more.

This blog How to be a Dad has a dad talking about the ups and down of parenting from a father’s perspective.  He has a funny way of expressing himself.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Until next ride,


Amy’s Whine


It’s been one of those days.  My husband is away this week for work and my 15 month old is teething, fussy, and hanging on my leg every second and has decided to start taking only one nap.  I’m ready for the one nap, truly, but does it have to be this week?  Lunch was tossed on the floor, followed by dinner.  Do I need a cooking class?  Are my meals not even baby worthy?  The time had come, Maddie was in bed - time for mommy juice.  I grabbed the first bottle of wine I found in the kitchen, shoved in the corner behind the tupperware, then called another mommy friend, Lourdes (who has 4 little girls!) and vented.  It felt so good to swap stories and turn the frustration and tiredness into laughter.  Turned out we both needed it!

I’ve been getting things ready for our guests coming this weekend – aka, grandparents coming to babysit for a couple weeks.  I know it’s not going to be easy for them and I’ve been baking, cleaning, getting things organized, and making lists after lists – I’m calling it “The Survival Guide.”  Trying to make things extra special hoping it relieves some of my guilt.  Guilt, for leaving my 65 year old father and Katheryn with a 16 month old for almost two weeks and hoping Maddie doesn’t think mommy abandoned her!

Gondolas, beaches, no curfews – gondolas, beaches, no curfews – gondolas, beaches, no curfews.  Okay I’m back in packing mode!

But first, where’s my mommy juice?  Did you know women purchase 64% of the wine sold in the U.S., but most labels are marketed for men.  Mommy Juice was started by a mom and the title was derived from her kids always referring to a bottle of wine as their mommy’s juice!  Just knowing that I have got to try it.  Ordering my $10 bottle tonight!!

Ah, feeling better already.  Nothing like girl talk with a glass of wine and a little writing to cure any whiner’s whine.

Do you have something you whine about and it’s really not that bad?  Please tell!

Until next ride,


As Summer Fades


When children head back to school and the weather becomes less humid the feeling of summer begins to fade.  As we absorbed our last city summer weekend together, as a little family of three, I could not help but reminisce on what made this summer special.  There were milestones for all, many playdates and birthday parties, family and friend visits, fumbled and learned as a parent, which I’m sure will be a lifetime of growth, learned not to sweat the small stuff, and learned how to squeeze a stroller onto a subway during rush hour.  I took countless pictures and went through them all!  Tear.  Here are some of my summer favorites…

Exploring the city through the eyes of a child…a new experience for us all and how fun it was…covered half of the city parks…

Maddie’s summer milestones…first birthday and walking on her own…

Our many new ways to get around the city with a stroller…taking the ferry through the East River is one…

Family trips we took over the summer.  Learned to adjust travel schedules to nap schedules…no trip is a small trip or as simple as it was before…

Numerous fun playdates and birthday parties.  I’ve never been to so many parties in one summer, actually make that a year!

My husband’s 40th surprise birthday party…two big birthday milestones this summer…phew, have to hand it to those party planners!

and, of course, all the crazy places and situations Maddie got herself into.

May the last few weeks of your summer be fun, memorable and shared with those you love.  This week we’re planning for guests and getting ready for our final summer trip.

What are some memorable moments from your summer?  I would love to hear about them.

Until next ride,



Wordless Wed: Work vs Home Hubby

Illustrators Adrienne Hedger and Shannon Seip

Ha!  Our household can so relate and this just made my day!!!  Hope it adds some humor to yours :-)

Until next ride,


Old Friends & New Beginnings

It’s been 7 years since I moved from California to New York.  It’s tough to maintain friendships when you’re 3000 miles away, but through the test of time, miles and bonds there’s the friendships that fade and those that last.

This weekend a dear friend came back to the city for a visit, Fran.  It was so great to see her!  She was one of my first friends in NY.  When I moved here I was totally a California girl.  Yep, totally!  Everyone would say, ‘you’re not from around here, are you?’ or ‘you look like you’re from CA.’  I don’t hear those comments too much anymore and I have to admit, I do miss it.  As a NYC newbie, Fran showed me how to experience the city and we absorbed it as single ladies.  Fun nights out, dinners, boutique browsing, cafes and enjoying early weekend shopping at the Young Designers Market (up and coming designers) in Soho, craving fashion on a budget!!  We were two spontaneous girls and up for anything.  Fun times to remember, for sure.

Now…I’m still living on the East Coast, married and a mom – Fran in a relationship living by the beach in So Cal.  Time has passed, a few miles were added, lives have become busy, yet here we are 7 years later having a girls’ lunch at Gina La Fornarina on the Upper West Side reminiscing and catching up – just like the old days.  And we could not have picked a more girlie spot to do it – decorated in pink and white, fresh flowers and tables filled with chatting ladies.    Only difference today – table for THREE ladies and make it snappy, we’re on a nap schedule!  We now have one New York little lady in the making.  Oh how I loved seeing my friend and daughter getting to know each other, bonding, and smiling together.  A new era with new memories to cherish.  Here’s a friendship in the making…

Getting to know each other on the streets of New York City…

Table for three ladies, please…and two cocktails and a milk, sir…


Frannie will you sit by me, please? :)   Friends indeed.  Special day!  Tugs at my heart…

Do you have friendships that have lasted or know will last through the winding, distant, sometimes bumpy, long roads of life?  Would love to hear about them.

Until next ride,


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